We protect and grow your money, meeting your needs for liquidity and availability of funds, movements and payments, with profitability.

Private Banking

In the Private Banking Service we provide highly professional and comprehensive management of your wealth. We try to meet your investment, wealth, financial and tax planning needs.

To do this, we take into account numerous variables, for which it is essential to know the client, their risk profile, their profitability objectives and liquidity needs, as well as their tax situation.

It is clear that this is a personalised service. We practice client banking in this order, focusing on profitability and approaching our work as a whole and not as a sum of products and services.

Among the ways of structuring our Private Banking service, we have opted for the Swiss Style: Private Banking with a more patrimonial approach, focused on high net worth clients who seek above all quality of life and control over their wealth, who wish to stay away from taxes, inflation, investment costs, and invest in conservative products.

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