Quantum Financial System: payment tool or power tool?

The Quantum Financial System is a photonic technology that will replace the SWIFT system and other centralised systems, it is totally independent of all of them and will coexist for a while, but it will eventually take over.

Nothing will be the same in the financial universe.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is based on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the Cross Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS).

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) provides clean integrity in the movement of funds from Central Bank sources to destination accounts.

The QFS will comprise the new global network for the transfer of asset-backed funds and may replace the US centrally controlled SWIFT system.

A key benefit of the QFS is the protection of account holders from corruption, usury and manipulation within the banking system and ensuring control over banks and their protection with respect to the agreed contract of the funds transfer process.

QFS is NOT a cryptocurrency, but a real, digital, asset-backed currency.

QFS is managed in photonic technology with 3.5 trillion images per second. It replaces obsolete dynamic IP routing with true physical GPS authentication between sender and receiver routing, while maintaining 100% financial security and transparency for all holders of the currency.

Special protocols will be established with the QFS for AI to control the transfers but not the global financial network, so we are told. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme will perform instant settlements in real time and without delay.

Every dollar/euro/yen fiat will have a «digital» number in every bank account around the world. The «digital» numbers are assigned by the AI and monitored in real time. The physical location of the QFS between sender and receiver will be established to provide unbreakable security when accounting for who sent it, and which account received it.

It’s definitive, there will be a before and after, pure future.

Original source of the post: Dinar Recaps Blog (https://dinarrecaps.com)