Portfolio Category

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Real Estate

We access opportunities to expand real estate portfolios globally across all asset types, industrial and logistics, residential, office and retail.


Growing demand from large companies seeking Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) is also boosting the sector's attractiveness to investors.


Global food, agriculture and fisheries production is on track to meet growing global demand. The sector's capacity to respond remains strong in both developed and developing regions.


Commodity markets are an integral part of the global economy. Understanding what drives the evolution of these markets is critical to designing frameworks for investment and opportunity.


We identify investment opportunities in the healthcare sector: hospitals, health centers, nursing homes and specialized care clinics, as well as options in research and laboratories.


While private security may be seen as a single business, in reality it contains multiple segments and niches. Globally, it is a strong growth sector, growing at more than 10% per annum cumulatively.