Digital Currency & Cryptocurrency.

The sovereign currency of the United States shall be the USN.

In the future, the conversion of a Fiat cryptocurrency into a Basel III IV and V-compliant gold-backed currency will proceed.

The coins themselves and virtual currencies will have barcodes (ownership) and GPS tracking devices (location).

ACC (Asset Chain Collection) is a “Distributed General Ledger”. It is an A.I. asset digitisation tool for global applications. It is called “The Stock Exchange of Artificial Intelligence”.

Between the main market tokens with standard asset tokens, the Asset Collection Chain forms and jointly documents the digital asset exchange object – SDR digital currency. Each global “node” establishes a “regional” General Ledger Token (GLT) for regional circulation and this SDR digital currency (Special Drawing Rights) will be the main exchange currency together with the general ledger tokens of each international node in the international exchange.

In this “monetary ecosystem” each node token can use the GLT (General Ledger Token) for regional circulation and each GLT can use the ACC for international circulation.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

DLT is the database that is “decentralised” to several computers or nodes. Each node will maintain the ledger and if there are changes in the data, the ledger is updated to the exact value.

Cross-border interbank payment system (CIPS)

The CIPS virtual currency will resemble Bitcoin in appearance, but will be secured by real assets and will replace all current currencies, worldwide.

Transactions will be executed on the QFS VPN and can be used to purchase all goods and services, using CIPS resources.

100 billion gold coins and 100 billion silver coins will be minted. Once minted, there will never be more or fewer coins in existence. Each CIPS coin will have a virtual counterpart.

The QFS AI will keep track of the fluctuation and manage all boundary conditions (in addition to keeping track of all locations).

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