¡¡¡¡¡Banks are obsolete!!!!!

Real-time data – CIPS provides a real-time data feed for all applications connected to it. This means your customers will receive live data directly to desktops, the web and the mobile client, all at the same time.

You have sovereignty over your funds, as they are all photonic and digital. All funds are “GPS trackable” forever. Banks are no longer in control: there are no more Deposits, they are now “Posits”, as deposit means separation of the person and their funds.

In this new financial world, the “person” has NO footprint in the QFS. This is ground-breaking historical security in the truest sense!!!!

Banks” will no longer need to generate significant profits from fund transfer transactions.

QFS is completely independent of the existing “centralised” system; it makes all other transfer systems obsolete.

The QFS is NOT a cryptocurrency. After REVAL (revaluation) all sovereign currencies will be asset-backed ensuring a stable value which makes the need for unbacked cryptocurrencies obsolete.

QFS activation puts an end to the “Central Banking System”.

ONLY gold or asset-backed currencies that have a digital gold or asset certificate will be transferred through the QFS. All gold/asset-backed coins refer to the gold piece or asset backing them.

The asset-backed currency is based on the assets of the country of origin. Assets are the justification for establishing the amount of currency available in each country.

FIAT currencies in “possession” at the time of QFS implementation and deemed “legal” will be exchanged for gold-backed currency on a one to one ratio. “Reconciliation process”.

Without the ability to reconcile the old FIAT money into the new QFS, all central bank activities will cease.

Any country that does not comply with GESARA will be left out of the QFS, thus eventually being left out of “International Trade”.

The Global Currency Reset (GCR) will use a specific quantitative formula to establish the amount of currency available “in a country” that is backed by gold in the QFS. The formula will establish a fair value on each country’s assets compared to another. The “price of gold” becomes irrelevant once this is completed. Included in the formula are the assets on land, the country’s economy, its population (as an asset) and various other parameters. This formula is applied to each country so that they can be on a par with each other.

Original source of the post: Dinar Recaps Blog (https://dinarrecaps.com)